Marquez Pianos -Est 1944

Serving ALL South Jersey, ALL types of pianos, ALL age pianos


Serving Gloucester, Camden, Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland

Keys a problem?

Dirty, chipped, tops missing - we can clean,replace, recover- make them look new

Bright work dull or damaged?

Often we can bring back the beauty but if necessary, we can replace the pedals, hinges, etc.

How is the sound quality?

Sometimes just cleaning will restore the clarity but if  necessary the hammers can be reshaped or replaced. We are conservative and take the things step by step


We take them apart, rebuild, restore and bring them back to the 21st century.  From 1890's to 2018

Over 70 years of experience and professionalism at your service. We KNOW your piano - we do it right

Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Bluthner, Steinway, Baldwin, Fazioli, Lester, Kohler and Campbell, Wurlitzer - we service them all- AND we rebuild them all.  We learned from the masters and pass it on to you.  

Broken key, stuck hammer, broken leg - we do it all

Church, home, school or theater - we understand your needs.  We've been tuning and rebuilding for a long, long time.  Some families are into the third generation with us - some schools and churches over forty years.

Tune, repair, recover keys, replace casters, tighten actions- all part of piano maintenance

Though college degreed, we all learned the trade the hard way - apprenticing. Hands on. Practice. From the masters.

Often a technician or tuner will say 'it's too old',  'costs too much', 'not worth it'.  Then we get called.  The majority of the time we fix the issue and the piano is playing again.  Saved!!  Sure, there are times it just is not worth it- and we will not just tell you, but we will show you why.  You WILL understand a little more about pianos when we're done with you.  

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Tuning your piano at the same time every year, regardless twice or once a year, is much healthier for the piano.  However, Mother Nature is the season keeper and we try to accomodate.  Sometimes the season fluctuates so much there may be an additional tuning necessary.  Ask the churches and performance venues.  We do the best we can, but often there is a temperature or humidity change so drastic, it causes the piano to waiver by 20-30 cents (sharp or flat).  Time to tune 

Marquez Pianos Est 1944

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